Debbie Dillon, Pastor

Deborah Dillon was born and raised in the Philippine Islands.  She graduated from Harris Memorial College in Manila as a Deaconess with a BA in Christian Education and a special focus on church music.  While in college she worked in churches as Christian Educator and Choir Director.

After graduation Debbie was commissioned and appointed to different churches as Deaconess, continuing the work of Christian Education and Music.

In 1969 she migrated to U.S. and found employment in the secular world as a banker, until the nagging call for full time Christian service finally made its way again.

Debbie took training to become a Conference Lay Minister (CLayM) and accepted an assignment to Cone Community UMC in Los Molinos.   Her calling to the ministry of word and sacrament led her to the Course of Study for Pastoral Ministry at Claremont School of Theology, graduating after six summers.  This coursework also qualified her for appointment as a Local Pastor.

After six years at Cone Community UMC she was transferred to Fresno Christian Fellowship UMC for four more years, then to Grace UMC in Yuba City, CA, where she has served for the past year.

Pastor Debbie has two children from a previous marriage and six grandchildren, and is now happily married to Kent Dillon.

God calls, and here she is, your new pastor at Rio Linda Community United Methodist Church.


Anne Bradeen – Lay Leader

Charlene Swank – Church Secretary